Monday, January 10, 2011

Diet Foods That can Make You Pack on Pounds

Most of us believe that consuming light and diet foods all throughout the day will help us to lose weight and become healthy. This notion, however, is partially true. Many diet foods help us to stick to the healthy eating plan, but others deprive us from sufficient nutrition and make us pack on the pounds instead. We point out few such ‘diet foods’ that must be avoided.

Light /Low fat Yogurt- At 80-150 calories, light yoghurt hardly qualifies as a meal. Unfortunately, many people treat it as their ideal breakfast. The worst part is that these yoghurts are less satiating and fulfilling. This means that one is bound to feel hungry an hour after consuming it.

So what can be the solution? Avoid consuming yogurt for breakfast and keep it aside for the snack time. Alternatively, if you must, combine it with fresh fruits and vegetables, so that you get enough nutrition and experience a satisfactory feeling.

Coffee- Most of us grab a cup of coffee without thinking much about the calories. While an 8 ounce cup of coffee has only 2 calories, a 16-ounce Starbucks Caffè Mocha (with whole milk) can contain as many as 400 calories! All those who love to follow a healthy eating plan can opt for coffee with skimmed or 2 % milk.

Sandwiches- Sandwiches have long enjoyed the reputation of being a healthy food item. Unfortunately, not all varieties of sandwiches can be termed as diet food. Surveys have revealed that an overstuffed tuna sandwich with mayonnaise can contain 975 calories. If you are looking forward to become fit and healthy, it is advised to go for grilled sandwiches filled with lean meat. Avoid adding cheese or mayonnaise and choose salads instead.

Many of us desperately hope for weight-loss, while all the time we have been consuming so-called low-calorie foods only. It is important to avoid the ‘fad’ diet foods and instead opt for a meal that is healthy, nutritious and filling. $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment


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