Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stop Your Sugar Craving with Low-calorie Foods

Most Americans have a sweet tooth and given the chance, most of them would love to indulge in some sinful desserts after a meal. However, you don’t always have to resort to unhealthy food items to satisfy your cravings for sweet. We provide few suggestions regarding how to satisfy your sweet tool without messing up your healthy eating plan.

• Opt for fruit juice instead of the sodas and synthetic drinks that come with empty calories. Compared to sodas and artificial drinks, juice is a low- calorie food and is tasty too.

• Sugar-free gum is a good option to satisfy the sweet cravings.

• Instead of calorie-laden cookies, you can try out flavored rice cakes. These crispy rice cakes and crackers are available in various flavors and are effective in fulfilling your cravings for sweet.

• Opt for unsalted popcorn. Make it tastier by adding honey or some cocoa powder. It is healthy, delicious and yet a low-calorie food.

• All those with strong sweet cravings should keep a fruit nearby or carry it while traveling to a place. Fruits will provide you with fiber, nutrients and you can relish the sweet feeling as well. You can consume fruits cooked, raw or even dried.

• Eat 4-5 small meals all throughout the day rather than 2-3 large meals. In addition, don’t wait for too long between the meals. Eating regularly (every 3-5 hours) will keep your blood sugar levels stable and help you to avoid unhealthy food items.

• You can also take a walk when sugar craving hits you. This will divert your attention and force the mind to think about things other than sweets.

Many times, we reach out for comfort foods when we are angry, sad or depressed. Unfortunately, it does not solve the problems and instead makes us gain weight. Find solutions to your emotional issues, rather than opting for calorie-rich desserts after every meal.

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