Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Excellent Breakfast Options for Any Fitness Goal

Having a good and hearty breakfast is important for surviving throughout the day and enhancing your overall health and fitness. It is a known fact that calorie requirements are different for people with various fitness goals. We provide three healthy breakfast options for people who have manifold health goals to fulfill.

Goal 1-Reduce weight
Consuming a bowl of oatmeal every day for breakfast can be an ideal option for people who are interested in low calorie foods. To make the oatmeal tastier, you can add fruits such as peaches or blueberries. The soluble fiber present in this low calorie food slows down the digestive process of the body. This, in turn, makes you feel full and satisfied, which is one of the secrets to a successful weight-loss program.

Total calories-Oatmeal can be of various types. Old-fashioned oats (also known as rolled oats) contain 150 calories per 40 grams serving.

Goal 2-Rush to the gym
It is important to eat something healthy before you rush to the gym in the morning. Opt for one slice of whole-wheat toast or an apple. Apart from being low in fat and cholesterol, whole-wheat bread provides the body with vital nutrients such as Vitamin E, iron, magnesium etc. This low-calorie food can also ward off hunger for a considerable period. Apple, too, is a healthy fruit that helps you to get rid of problems such as heart diseases, weakness, digestion etc.

Total calories-1 apple contains 95 calories and one slice of whole-wheat toast contains 100 calories.

Goal 3-Building lean muscle
According to research studies, all those who are working hard to build lean muscles can opt for protein shakes in the morning. You can make your own protein shake by blending ingredients such as 12 ounces of orange juice, 2 scoops of whey protein isolate or egg white powder, one banana, six ice cubes.

Total calories-1 glass of protein shake will contain 650 calories (approximately).

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