Monday, January 10, 2011

Grab the Nutrient-Rich, Low-Calorie Medifast Pudding

Most of us would probably jump at the idea of indulging our tastebuds into soft and creamy puddings. Unfortunately, this dessert is usually packed with high calories and is rich in cholesterol as well. Now Medifast has solved this problem by introducing a smooth, delicious, low fat and cholesterol-free pudding.

The great news is that these puddings are available in flavors such as banana, chocolate and vanilla, so one can choose the flavor according to his/ her personal preferences. We provide some interesting information about Medifast banana pudding.

Nutrition facts- This low-calorie food contains fat (0.5 g), sodium (170 mg), potassium (360 mg), carbohydrate (15 mg), dietary fiber (4g), sugars (9 g) and protein (14 g).

Calories- Per serving of Medifast banana pudding has 110 calories and the serving size is 33.2 grams.

Ingredients- Medifast banana pudding is made from ingredients such as fructose, milk protein isolate, soy protein isolate, sweet dairy whey, calcium carbonate etc.

Vitamins and minerals- This low-calorie food contains vital nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, Iron, Magnesium etc. Vitamin A protects the body against diseases such as cancer, stroke, and cold. It is also known to slow down the ageing process and provide luster to hair and skin. Vitamin C plays an important role in the growth of blood vessels and body tissue cells. It also regulates the white blood cells that protect the immune system.

The other vitamins and minerals also make significant contributions for the maintenance of general health and well-being.

Vegetarian Product- Medifast banana pudding is vegetarian, which makes it ideal for people with different food choices.

Lactose Free- People with lactose intolerance are advised to avoid dairy products. Since this Medifast banana pudding is lactose free, all those who have problem with dairy products can also whip it up.

Now that you know that this banana pudding is a low-calorie food, which is also nutritious, healthy and tasty, don’t wait for anything. Hurry up and make your tastebuds happy with this yummy pudding. Enjoy! $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment

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  1. Pudding is rich in Vitamins and minerals. It's very effective for a diet because it helps lose weight safe and fast.


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