Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tone Up The Whole Body With Fitness Ball Exercises

Exercise balls are the latest craze in the USA fitness industry. With the help of these balls, you can train almost every part of your body and the best part is that they add a fun element to the regular exercise routine. We provide few exercise programs that you can perform with the help of the fitness ball.

Trunk Extension for the lower back
Get on your knees and place the upper part of the body on the fitness ball. Keep the hands behind your head. Move your chest off the ball until the spine is slightly extended or is in a straight line. Hold on for few moments (4-5 seconds) and return to the starting position.

Basic Crunches for the abs
Plant your feet on the ground and lightly place your lower back on the fitness ball. Your thighs and upper body must be kept parallel to the ground. Do crunches in the regular way and use the abs for lifting the upper back and the shoulders from the ball.

Core Crunchers for abs and the core muscles
Get down at the knees, bend slightly at the waist and place the elbows on the exercise ball. Now start rolling the ball in the forward direction until the thighs and the upper body form a straight line. Move back to the initial position.

Elevated push-ups for shoulders, triceps, abs and pecs
Place the lower part of the body on the fitness ball and keep your hands flat on the ground. Consider the fact that the whole body must be kept parallel to the ground. Now slowly lower down the upper part of the body so that it touches the ground. Maintain the position for 4-5 seconds and push back yourself to the starting position.

Execute these exercise programs regularly and you will start noticing the differences. In our next post, we will bring you more creative exercise routines. $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment


  1. These balls are so awesome. As a bjj guy, there was a craze for these like 2 years ago. They improved our balance, coordination (we can stand on them, do flips off of them, pommel horse them almost.) They also drastically improve core strength by themselves or you can use them as an unstable platform with dumbbells to make a set even harder of like single arm rows.

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  7. This sounds like a good addition to the workout rotation...I've never used my fitness ball for anything but crunches, so I'd love to use it more often. And I like 15 minute increments as those are easier to work into my schedule.
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