Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reverse Hypers – An Impressive Strength Training Equipment

Reverse hypers is a popular strength training equipment that has become famous for working effectively on different areas of the body such as glutes, hamstrings, lower back etc. Reverse hypers are of various types, and amongst them Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper is one equipment which targets the entire back region.

Reverse Hypers

The unique feature of this strength-training machine is that it allows the development of dynamic strength in the concentric phase; in the eccentric phase, it acts as a rehabilitation mechanism. Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper lightly stretches and depressurizes the spinal column with help of the spinal fluid and utilizes blood in case of the lower back muscles.

Many gym goers love to experience the stretching and decompression in the thoracic area while working out. Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper allows you to relish this experience with little effort. Use this fitness equipment with a table that has been tilted down slightly towards the front and enjoy the feeling.

Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper can also be used in another way. You can move the fitness equipment toward the rear and it will work on areas such as hamstrings and gluts, thus providing you with a complete workout. It can also hold the Olympic plates, which makes it a multifaceted fitness machine.

So hop on the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper and kick-start your fitness routine. $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment

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