Monday, December 20, 2010

Shape Up with Pro Reverse Hypers

Pro Reverse Hyper is not the regular, run of the mill fitness equipment. It has got a number of special features which make it the preferred choice of professional sportsperson and regular fitness maniacs alike. Pro Reverse Hyper allows the user to experience spinal decompression, but without any vertical decompression. This simple and stylish fitness equipment provides dynamic strength development during the concentric phase and acts as the rehabilitation mechanism during the eccentric period. It fulfills all these functions by depressurizing and lightly stretching the spinal region.

The Pro Reverse Hyper has also got an internal pumping mechanism which allows it to fill up the spinal column with special fluids. In addition, the strength training equipment also uses blood for filling up the muscles of the lower back region.

Pro Reverse Hyper acts as rehabilitation equipment by relieving pressure and bringing back circulation in the injured areas. This feature of the Pro Reverse Hyper makes it an equipment that can be used by anyone who has recently suffered injuries. All those who are looking forward for some therapeutic work can exercise on Reverse Hypers for 3-4 times every week. You can use it along with light weights to get a perfectly shaped and toned body.

The unique fitness machine, which has got a size 40″ x 48″ and a height of 42”, is tough enough to tolerate a constant use of 24 hours. Pro Reverse Hyper has been made in a way so that it can accommodate itself easily in commercial gyms and also at homes. Though the standard color of this fitness equipment is white frame/black pad, it can be changed according to the personal preference of the user.

So now that you know that Pro Reverse Hyper is the perfect strength training equipment, grab it and start flaunting an envious body.

Good luck!

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