Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reverse Hypers: Why do You Need Them?

Reverse hypers are popular strength training equipment, used by athletes and powerlifters for developing their glutes, lower and middle back, and hamstrings. This strength training equipment is a patent product and is ideal for both powerlifters and strength athletes. Reverse hyper is invented by Louie Simmons, the legendary powerlifter and strength trainer, who is one of the six lifters to total Elite in five weight classes. Louie invented this fitness equipment after breaking his fifth lumbar vertebra. Reverse hyper was patented in the year 1993.

Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers

Reverse hypers are ideal for rehabilitation and strength, and help to increase squat and benches. This fitness equipment can gently stretch the discs of your spine and is helpful for the low back. Powerlifters and strength athletes, who have back issues can use reverse hyper for a couple times a day, or until they feel their back is better.

In the initial stage, one can use the Rogue Reverse Hyper, which is manufactured as an exclusive collaboration between Westside Barbell and Rogue Fitness. This fitness equipment holds 280 lbs of Olympic Plates and comes with black pad/ black frame. It has 2×2 steel construction and weighs around 150 lbs. This strength training equipment offers a solid and safe platform for the powerlifters to work on their glute, lower back, and hamstrings.

One can also order for an extra set of Reverse Hyper straps. This set includes one long strap for your glutes and hamstrings and a short strap for the lower back. $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment

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