Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enhance Your Fitness Levels with Reverse Hypers

Using a strength-training machine is one of the best ways for getting into shape and enhancing the fitness levels. Reverse Hyper is a strength-training equipment that enjoys tremendous popularity, due to its versatility and multifaceted functionality. The unique fact of this fitness machine is that it is perfect for athletes as well as for those who would love to get into shape.

Reverse Hyper is ideal for toning certain areas of the body including glutes, middle and lower back, and hamstrings. Many coaches recommend this fitness equipment because they feel that Reverse Hyper has strengt
hened the hamstrings of the athletes and this in turn, has helped them to run faster.

For any fitness maniac, an injury is usually followed by complete rest or only light exercises. Any person who has experienced injuries recently, however, can safely use reverse hypers. It stretches, depressurizes the spine and fills up the spinal column with fluid and lower back muscles with blood. All these in turn, allow reverse hypers to develop dynamic strength in the concentric phase and to act as a rehabilitation device during the eccentric period. It completes the rehabilitation process by releasing pressure in the injured part and restoring circulation.

All those who are looking for some therapeutic work can work out on Reverse Hypers for 3-4 times every week. In addition, if you want to tone your lower back, you can also combine lightweights. In case of any confusion, refer to the tape that comes with this fitness equipment.

Reverse hypers are suited for commercial gyms as well as for home gyms.
$0 Initiation fee on monthly payment


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