Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get A Strong Back with Reverse Hypers to Lessen Low Back Injuries

Reverse hyper, a revolutionary invention of the renowned powerlifter Louie Simmons, has two U.S. patent and a third patent pending. Louie invented this strength training equipment after breaking his fifth lumbar vertebra. A number of Louie’s clients and other Westside Barbell powerlifters are using this machine for developing their lower and middle back, hamstrings, and glutes.

This fitness equipment not only helps in developing your posterior chain muscles, but also helps to deal with low back injuries. This strength-training machine rotates the sacrum on each rep, tractioning the lower back area, which in turn, builds strength while working at restoration. In addition, reverse hypers rehydrates the disks. Since this fitness machine can strengthen the muscles of the posterior chain, you can easily expect a rise in your deadlift and squat strength. And stronger posterior chain muscles mean lower risk of low back injuries and pains.

The strength athletes and trainers are aware of the importance of restoring blood circulation to the injured area, thus relieving the pressure. The fitness equipment can stretch and depressurize the spinal column, creating an internal pumping mechanism. This helps to fill you low back muscles with blood and your spinal column with spinal fluid, which facilitates in rehabilitation.

Another major advantage of reverse hypers is its directional loading pattern. This strength-training machine comes with a pendulum that reorients itself. As a result, this fitness equipment has cyclical and dynamic directional load vectors, which enables you to achieve top-speed sprinting. Other advantages of this fitness machine include full hip extension, strong glutes, and a good range of forward bending motion. $0 Initiation fee on monthly payment

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