Monday, December 20, 2010

Avail the Multiple Advantages of Reverse Hypers

Fitness craze has caught up fast in USA, with people rushing to gyms for flaunting a perfectly toned body. Reverse hypers are currently enjoying a great degree of popularity as far as fitness equipments are concerned. It is a powerful machine for shaping the back portion of the body (such as glutes, hamstrings) and can be used in commercial gyms as well as at homes.

The distinguishing feature of reverse hyper is that in the concentric phase, it leads to the development of dynamic strength, while in the eccentric phase, it acts as the rehabilitat
ion device. This strength training machine comes with a special pumping device which allows it to fill the spinal area with the spinal fluid and the back muscles with blood. The unique fitness equipment also decompresses the spine, but does not put any vertical compression.

Reverse hyper is a unique machine for the fact that it is completely safe even for a person who has experienced injuries recently. The fitness equipment works as a rehabilitati
on device by relieving the pressure and restoring circulation in the injured area. It can be safely used by an injured person for 3-4 times per week. Those who are interested in flaunting a chiseled back can combine reverse hyper and light weights to relish the maximum benefits. An instructional tape comes with the equipment, so that one can take help of it, in case of any doubts.

Several varieties of reverse hypers are available in the market and these include Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper, Pro Reverse Hyper. We would advise to select the one which can be accommodated perfectly in your daily routine.

Lead a healthy and happy life!

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